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Keith Bowers

Keith Bowers

President / Founder

Keith Bowers is the Founder and Owner of Integrity Wealth Management, Inc. He is licensed and qualified to utilize a wide variety of investment vehicles including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s, annuities and life insurance. He has over 30 years of experience in Financial Planning and Money Management. During this time he has enjoyed an award-winning career with his Broker/Dealer, NEXT Financial Group, Inc. and at other firms such as Paine Webber, LPL Financial Services and Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. He also has extensive training and experience in Retirement Planning, Tax-Efficient Retirement- Distribution Planning Strategies, and in helping displaced Professionals in Executive-Job-Transition.

In fact, in 2009 at his Broker/Dealer’s national convention, Keith was honored to receive the NEXT Financial Services’ National “Award of Integrity” for his philanthropic work with Atlanta-area executives involved in job change. He has mentored hundreds of these individuals over the years, and considers his efforts in this arena as being some of the most rewarding work he’s done.

With the opening of his new Integrity Wealth Center, Keith’s long-held vision for a more holistic, integrated planning model came to fruition. In addition to his areas of expertise, it is comprised of a proactive Team of experienced professionals in the fields of Certified Public Accountancy, Estate Planning & Small-Business Law, as well as Property & Casualty Insurance. The mantra of this collective group is to “Help Our Clients Get Their Financial House in Order”.

Over the years Keith has come to an inescapable conclusion; "These days, the achievement of reaching a family’s financial goals is just one component of planning for Financial Independence. One must also properly preserve all assets from a variety of risks, including the potential of increased taxation, to the possibility of unforeseen disability and litigation. It's heartbreaking to see a lifetime of hard work and wealth accumulation lost to inadequate coordination and foresight in these other critical areas.”

“The world is changing at a faster pace than ever before, so today’s retirement plans must be increasingly resilient. At Integrity Wealth Center we provide our clients with a collaborative Team approach. Here our clients can coordinate their goals with this talented group of professionals, thereby more efficiently and effectively putting their ‘Financial House’ in Order.”

"To put it simply, at Integrity Wealth Center Our Goal is YOUR SUCCESS."

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