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Knowing Our Client

"Knowing our client" is paramount to offering sound advice.

We follow a methodical step-by-step process to help guide our clients through the planning process:

First, we listen...

We need to understand your current status, future goals, as well as your investment personality.

Then, if appropriate,

We will help you to understand more about how the stock market "works".We strongly believe that informed investors make smarter decisions with their money.

And finally,

Using the information that you have provided about yourself, we will work with you to create a personalized retirement plan along with the appropriate investment strategies tailored to suit your specific needs.Together, we will use this plan as a "road map" to help you reach Financial Independence.

And then,

Once your personalized retirement plan has been created and implemented, we will continually review the progress. We will also consistently work on reducing your risk and increasing your investment returns as compared to the stock market as a whole.

As true Independent Investment Adviser Representatives, we are not pressured by our firm to "perform" and generate revenue by selling their specific products and/or services. We are instead able to search out, research, select, and provide for you what we believe to be the best investments in each class. It is because of this identifying feature in our industry that we can honestly say, Our clients best interests always come first. 

Too often, brokers and financial advisors are under tremendous pressure by their firms to "perform" and generate revenue selling products and/or services for their firm. As an independent investment services firm, you can trust that our clients' best interests always come first.